What’s That Book?

So, it happens like this: you remember some small detail, some possibly random aspect of the plot, but you can’t remember the title, the author, any of the characters names, the year it was published, or what the cover looked like. But you really want to read that book again. Try  What’s That Book, and poll the collective intelligence of your fellow readers.

I have mixed feelings about sites where you need to be a member, mostly because I can never remember my login name.  What’s That Book, however, allows you to browse anonymously, so you really only need a login when you have a pressing question about a plot you maybe kind of sort of remember, or, if you’re one of those geniuses with an eidetic memory and you want to help poor soul who can only remember a bizarre detail from a book they read eighteen years ago.

It’s also sometimes just fun to read other people try to describe the book they can’t remember. Do you remember the one with the girl and her father, set in England I think or somewhere European, and Dracula steals people to make them his librarian?



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