All About Vampires: Sookie Stackhouse moves to HBO

I’ll confess. I’m a Buffy fan. Back in the day (back… pretty far), I read a Buffy novel (this was pre-Buffy movie promotional stuff, not the post TV series novelizations) and after that, I never really looked back. But once Buffy and Angel were gone, and primetime no longer delivered weekly doses of nosferatu, I had to go back to print to get my fix. And the books, they didn’t disappoint.

And maybe the universe is trying to make it up to me, because my dedication paid off, and one of the earlier series I read by Tanya Huff was turned into a show for Lifetime, called Blood Ties.

Sadly, it was canceled after a year, much like Moonlight. But you can still check out episodes online, and I encourage you to do so. The writing is pretty good, the cast is super hot, especially Christina Cox, who pretty much nails Vicki’s tough/vulnerable attitude, and the show’s concept is classic. Vicki is an (unwillingly) retired cop, who becomes a PI, and ends up having to consult with vampire/comic book writer Henry when she stumbles onto a case with deaths she can’t really explain. Mix in her ex-partner, Mike Celluci, and you have the golden love triangle plus supernatural mystery combo.

But sadly, the series is no more. However, there’s news on the horizon that’s doing a pretty good job of cheering me up.

Because HBO is picking up the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris and turning it into a series called True Blood. And Alan Ball, who you might remember from Six Feet Under, is heading the project. And if that is not enough for you, and you are a greedy person, full of greed – you’re in luck, because they’re getting the fabulous Anna Paquin to star.

If you’re not familiar with the series, it’s about a normal, everyday (except for the part where she’s a mind reader) waitress who lives in a world one step removed from ours, where vampires have “come out of the coffin,” and become not-to-well integrated parts of society. The novel series has suspense, romance, and humor, and I have every expectation that it’s going to really shine on HBO this Fall.

Guys, I’m not going to say this ever again, but put down those books and turn on your TV, cause this series is going to be funny, hot, fabulously scripted and gorgeously cast.



One response to “All About Vampires: Sookie Stackhouse moves to HBO

  1. Wow, looks like I will have to sign up for HBO this fall! I love that series. I heard it was supposed to start Jan ’08 but never heard anything else until I came across your blog. Thanks for the info!!

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