Acoustical Liberation

LibriVox harnesses the power of volunteers to read and record audiobooks from the public domain. Their incredibly ambitious and super-villain-esque goal is to create free, down-loadable audiobooks out of all books in the public domain.

One slightly large caveat: anyone can make a recording. Anyone. Your fourth-grade teacher whose voice made your skin crawl, or your friend who always narrates movies and always talks over the dialog? Or Nicholas Cage. Nicholas Cage could be reading the entirety of your audiobook of Midsummer Night’s Dream. Your audiobook might even have different voices chapter to chapter.

Still, a free, downloadable audio book that’s probably not available elsewhere is pretty awesome, and if you’re already an experienced podcast listener, the potential amateur or Nicholas-Cagey quality of the recordings won’t bother you at all.

Check out LibriVox.


2 responses to “Acoustical Liberation

  1. Check here for Nicholas Cage: (I didn’t notice him sneak in as I edited, but ah, you never know.)

  2. also, you can help out by not just listening, but recording for us too …

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