Vampires, more vampires… possibly also Mormons

Perhaps you have been living under a rock (I don’t judge!) and you don’t know that Breaking Dawn, the fourth book in Stephanie Meyer’s wildly popular Twilight series will be coming out this Saturday, August 2nd. Well, don’t count on getting your copy here, because there’s currently 322 holds (and counting) on our ordered copies – and they won’t be in till Monday. You could, of course, always go to the bookstore – OR you could check out all the other hot vampire books we have.

To find that true Twilight read alike, I hit librarything for some awesome tag mashes…

Tag Mash 1: Vampires, mormons

I thought, Stephanie Meyer is a Mormon, right? Yes… but the only book that popped up on this tagmash was Lost Boys by Orson Scott Card. It sounds pretty interesting, sort of a horror-thriller novel along the Stephen King line, about a religious boy with imaginary friends who turn out to be connected to a series of recent disappearances. But is it like Twilight? I doubt it. So, moving on…

Tag Mash 2: Vampires, high school

You know what would have made high school better? Probably not being a vampire, actually. But high school is the setting for our Twilight heroes, so it’s a necessary ingredient for a proper read alike. The list of results was enormous, so here are the highlights:

Tag Mash 3: Vampires, werewolves, angst

Getting down to what the Twilight books are really all about gives us a slightly trimmer result list, especially after we weed out, hmm, every single book that Laurell K. Hamilton has ever written. (And Passage to India… I’m not sure what horrible tagging accident resulted in that book making the list.) But what’s left is bound to fix bound to tide you over until Break of Dawn – or cure your withdrawal after you’ve finished it:

Tag Mash 4: Vampires, ghosts, romance

Basically a remix of Tag Mash 3 (because I am a fan of ghosts), this mash gives us a few more likely looking titles:

So that should keep you busy, right? Or, you can just keep watching the trailer for the upcoming Twilight movie (starring Cedric Diggory!)



One response to “Vampires, more vampires… possibly also Mormons

  1. Thanks for the post…I’m going to pass this along to the kids in my Teen Novel class.

    Jonathan Maberry
    Multiple Bram Stoker Award winning author
    Co-Creator/Consulting Producer ON THE SLAB (ABC Disney)

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