Do you have the right…..books?

Penguin Dating. Sounds like something narrated by Morgan Freeman on the National Geographic Channel (NatGeo as they say – what? It’s a good channel!). It is, in fact, real, but it’s not about penguins. It’s a dating site. Penguin Books and partnered up, and, I’m not really sure how this hasn’t happened before, but there is now a dating site primarily based on what books you read.

Penguin Dating – where book lovers meet. A helpful article on the site tells me that it matters less if I shave my legs than if I read the right books, but I suspect that this is a lie. I do believe that what books people love can tell you a lot about what kind other things they like in their life, but do the stories we love truly say something deep about what kind of people we are.

Maybe it’s not as crazy as it sounds. Ice-breaking chatter about favorite books is a common first-conversation topic, and what stories we like do say a lot about what kind of life we lead. Still, I’d be afraid that my tendency toward loving stories about stories would lead me to pick a true love from an internet dating site who was actually a fictional character.

Sure, I want my true love to love To The Lighthouse, and Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, and to think Prisoner of Azkaban is the best of the Harry Potter series. But that’s totally not enough information. Could I forgive someone if their favorite book was Blood Canticle , and to be fair, I have some good friends who prefer mysteries where the cat saves the day to anything else, but we’ve also had other avenues of conversation. What would happen if the primary way you chose someone to date was by their bookshelves – or what they say is on their bookshelves. Is that going to be the new Faux Profile Picture – claiming your favorite book is Pride and Prejudice when you aren’t really even sure how to spell Austen?

You can check out Penguin Dating here. The first 72 hours are free – which is more than enough time to brush up on your literary classics.


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