Oh, for the love of all that was holy, would the catastrophes never end? Part 3

Alright, bear with us for the last post we’ll make on Midnight Sun (although I suspect that it will feature highly as an in-joke on this blog for months to come), because, you know, I don’t really know how much attention that this crazy little chunk of half-edited book really needs in the long run.

Really, Ardis and Andrea have covered my reactions pretty thoroughly in their posts, so there isn’t too much left to say, except for this:

Who is Edward?

This was my (if you’ll pardon the word) burning question when I started reading this book, and it was the question, I assumed, that Meyer intended to answer. Only, here’s the thing: I don’t think she knows either.

It’s not something that any amount of edits or rewrites will fix. In Twilight, Edward is unpredictable, moody and confusing. Why is he on and off, hot and cold (despite the fact that he’s generally a uniformly chilly temperature, burning throat notwithstanding)? I had hoped for a reasonable explanation that presented Edward as a sort of misunderstood figure, torn between extremes – like Raskolnikov or Smallville’s Lex Luthor. What I got was an inconsistent character portrait of someone who very likely has a personality disorder. For instance, while he is driven beyond his endurance by super-tasty Bella smell, he… logically and methodically plots what he would have to do in order to eat her. Just in case you didn’t know anything about human nature, when someone is out of control, there is generally less of the logical, methodical planning. So when Edward came to his senses, it rather read more like he was swapping out personalities, packing up his “inner monster” (sadly? Edward’s words, not mine) for use in his next biology class.

Basically, it just about killed my own little fantasy Edward. Like so many real life mysterious bad boys, Edward turned out to be nothing more than bipolar, manipulative, and controlling. So sad…

But here’s food for thought: If Edward Cullen’s inner monster and Harry Potter’s chest monster got into a fight, which one would win?



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