Torment Tag Mash

Sometime last week, Ardis suggested we should do a tag mash that included the word “torment.” I was deeply interested in the potential results, for reasons which should be obvious from my reading tastes.  I started with something general, hoping for some captivating results: “torment, fiction” yielded this very small list:

Fairly boring,  except for the potential humor in wondering whether the tagger is commenting on the angst in both Wuthering Heights and Crime and Punishment or in the angst of having to read them. More interesting, though, was LibraryThing‘s suggested related tag mash: high school, romance.  The connection alone was hilarious – high school romance IS torment –  but it gets even better. Because the first three books of the “high school, romance” tag mash were these:

I have no doubt where the torment came from, and I think we all know it wasn’t the vampires.  I can only hope the reason Breaking Dawn isn’t on there is because enough readers bailed on the series before they had to endure it’s special kind of torment. I almost think that in this case it needs a capital T.



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