Vanity Tag Mash

The other night, I was looking for a list of fiction books about physics, and I told Dea I was making a tag mash for myself – and then clarified that the tag mash was for me but not about me. This prompted Dea to suggest that we search for increasingly hilarious tag mashes using our names. These are some of the best that came out of LibraryThing’s version of Googling yourself.

Dea, awesome:

Andrea, female protagonist:

Dea, romance: returns 58 results, many of which I’m not sure are romance novels, including:

Andrea, sci fi:

We’ve learned two things from this activity: I am actually a character in an Elizabeth Moon novel, and Dea sprung fully-formed from A Passage to India. We should also admit that there were no results for the tag mashes: Andrea, time travel or Dea, ninja. I guess those secrets are safe for now!


Dea’s note: A lot of the tags with my name were actually meant refer to the DEA.  Thanks for taking my name, guys!


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