Murder Can Be Delicious

The mystery genre has the most fascinating number of subgenres: cozies, animal detectives, police procedurals, hard-boild noir. Literary characters like Moriarty and Jane Austen become amateur detectives. Seemingly harmless grandmothers, suspicious yet sympathetic vampires, and sneaky sisters all solve crimes!

Close to my heart (and my stomach?) is the subgenre of culinary mysteries, stories about murder and food that sometimes even include recipes. Best of all, this genre has made an art out of punny, food-referencing titles.

This list of authors and foodie characters should keep you entertained – and full!

J.B. Stanley: Supper Club – Debut in 2008

Joanne Fluke: Hannah Swenson—Baker

Michael Bond: Monsieur Pamplemousse—Detective turned gastronome

Susan Wittig Albert:
China Bayles—Ex-lawyer and herbalist

Katherine Hall Page:
Faith Fairchild—Caterer

Diane Mott Davidson: Goldy Bear—Caterer

G.A. McKevett: Savannah Reid—PI who loves to cook

Laura Childs: Theodosia Browning—Tea shop owner

Jerrilyn Farmer: Madeline Bean—Caterer

Claudia Bishop:
Quilliam sisters—Innkeepers

Tamar Meyers:
Magdalena Yoder—Innkeeper

Lou Jane Temple: Heaven Lee-New Orleans chef and Bridget Heaney—Civil war era cook

Isis Crawford:
Bernie & Libby Simmons—Caterers and sisters

Nancy Pickard: Eugenia Potter—Chef

Cleo Coyle: Clare Cosi—Coffee shop owner

Joanna Carl: Chocoholic mysteries

Joanne Pence: Angie Amalfi—Unemployed cook

Phyllis Richman: Chas Wheatley—Culinary editor

Peter King: Gourmet Detective

Nancy Fairbanks: Carolyn Blue—Food writer

Ellen Hart: Sophie Greenway—Food critic

Mary Daheim:
Judith McMonigle Flynn—Innkeeper

Claire M. Johnson: Mary Ryan—Pastry chef


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