About “Watertown Reads”

This blog is provided by your friendly local librarians at the Watertown Free Public Library. We answer deep questions, like “are there any books that have a ninja romancing a cowboy?” or “what should I read next if I like books about delicious food?” Here you’ll find book reviews, rec lists, tag mashes, new item features, mindless twaddle, and more!

is an underground baker who’s biding her time as a reference librarian, which means spends the workday talking about books and solving mysteries. She loves to read about aliens showing us our own humanity, funny people stuck in time loops, stories about stories, and Pete Wentz.

Dea is a ninja, who sometimes shows up to the library just to make our website look pretty. She likes KDrama and JDrama but not work drama (unless it means she has an excuse to use her ninja powers.) She has an unfortunate tendency to pick up books with the most bizarre and unsettling plots, but her favorite books have ghosts and strong character relationships, though not necessarily at the same time.

Ardis is the boss of both Dea and Andrea, and is usually too important to play with the blog, unless Stephanie Meyer has done something really annoying lately. Her posts, though infrequent, make up for it in vitriol and humor. She’s a sucker for vampires, coffee, and a man with a Flowbee.


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