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Mr Darcy, Vampyre by Amanda Grange

I had a great deal of fun with Mr. Darcy, Vampyre , from the very moment I read the title and couldn’t stop thinking, “Mr. Darcy, Slayer of the VamPYRES.” Darcy is not a slayer, just a regular old Victorian vampire who manages to hide his condition from all but his closest friends by appearing prideful, brooding, and generally like the Darcy we see in Pride and Prejudice.

The story picks up on Elizabeth’s wedding day and follows the new Mrs. Darcy through her wedding tour through Bram Stoker’s geography as she meets more and more bizarre people from the greater Darcy clan. Darcy himself acts even more secretive, tortured, and brooding than before they were married, baffling Elizabeth, who has to navigate her way through married life with an absence of mirrors and an abundance of creepy portents.  She writes letters to Jane which may or may not ever get delivered.

Darcy is a classic literature character primed for vampire-dom, already dark and mysterious and enticing. How could Elizabeth tell the difference between reluctant romantic hero and vamPYRE? This book is much more enjoyable than Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which tended more toward the preposterous. And vampires are always cooler than zombies.


Vampires, more vampires… possibly also Mormons

Perhaps you have been living under a rock (I don’t judge!) and you don’t know that Breaking Dawn, the fourth book in Stephanie Meyer’s wildly popular Twilight series will be coming out this Saturday, August 2nd. Well, don’t count on getting your copy here, because there’s currently 322 holds (and counting) on our ordered copies – and they won’t be in till Monday. You could, of course, always go to the bookstore – OR you could check out all the other hot vampire books we have.

To find that true Twilight read alike, I hit librarything for some awesome tag mashes…

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